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A Catalyst for Disruptive Startups

We will back entrepreneurs who want to disrupt India, and the world, with their innovation and ambition. Our cheque size of Rs. 1 crore, coupled with our extensive networks and the T-Hub ecosystem, will position your startup to take on the world—and WIN!

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Launch of the Fund - Nov, 2017

  • Call for applications for the First Cohort: 20th Jan 2018, to 20th Feb 2018

    First Cohort - 1st Mar 2018

  • Call for applications for Second Cohort: 20th May 2018, to 20th June 2018

    Second Cohort - 1st Jul 2018

  • Call for applications for the Third Cohort: 20th Sep 2018, to 20th Oct 2018

    Third Cohort - 1st Nov 2018


We believe in creating value by working with visionary founders as your partners. Capital from T-Fund coupled with acceleration services from T-Hub provides you with full stack opportunities that will not just scale, but create market leading companies.

Our Values

We believe that integrity and honesty are essential to building successful companies. There are no shortcuts to success and we want to back entrepreneurs who are in this to build long term value. We will hold ourselves to the same high standards that we expect from you.

What We Are Looking For

Entrepreneurs with vision and ambition. If you are a B2B startup, then we would like to see 3 happy customers, whether they are paying you or not. If you are B2C, show us that your consumers value your service or product. We want to back startups with IP and innovation, whether it is deep tech or process innovation, leveraging India Stack. We are not restricted to any particular vertical, just that you have the potential to disrupt an important market.


At T-Fund, we provide an integrated platform with all essential components for success. These include:

Capital for your growth potential

INR 1 crore amount as seed capital for your growth with 10% convertible security. A fee of charge INR 2.5 Lakh + Taxes is applicable for participation in the program
(Accelerator, BD, Scaling services).

Full stack support system from T-Hub

In our structured accelerator programme, we help entrepreneurs increase the odds of success by providing you with a world class ecosystem of knowledge, expertise, and network. T-Fund can help with expert guidance, unmatched exposure to investors, customer introductions, partner identification, and much more.

Your T-Fund Journey

Investment via Accelerated Program, run by T-Hub

Our 22-week Accelerator Program for Growth Scaling proceeds as follows:

0-8th week


8th to 9th week


9th to 10th week


10th to 11th week


11th to 15th week


15th to 16th week


16th to 17th week


17th to 18th week


18th to 21st week


21st to 22nd week

Demo Day


The process takes 22 weeks to complete the entire transaction along with the accelerator program.
We back startups that have been through a T-Hub program or through our own accelerator program. If you have been through a T-Hub program, we would be happy to review your application and see whether you need to go through the T-Hub accelerator program before we can consider an investment in your firm.
We invest as a convertible note. When you raise your next round of funding, our note will convert into an agreed upon percentage of your company.
Sure. Based on your stage of growth, we may be able to invest and support you without you having to go through our accelerator program. However, we insist that you are associated with T-Hub in some fashion. We are a “startup” ourselves—if you bring something of value, we will figure out how to make this partnership work!
Yes, for a few weeks. Do not worry—Hyderabad is probably the most liveable place in India today!